Frequently Asked Questions

**Delivery fee is $3.99 10%.  Workplace Lunch Delivery fee is $2.99 5%.  We'll deliver from anywhere, but please keep in mind the further we go out of your zip code, the longer it takes to deliver. 

Fees for Grocery Delivery - We charge $10 and 10% to deliver curbside pickup orders.

What if I receive my order and realize that I ordered the wrong item or I receive an item I didn't list?  Just give us a call and we will do everything in our power to resolve any issue. 

Do you shop only at grocery stores?  No, we will pickup orders at any store you would like.

Will you deliver and put my groceries away if I am not home?  We cannot enter your premises when you are not at home but we will gladly put them away for you free of charge when you are present. 

Like and friend us on facebook and share our business on your wall and get a free delivery. Just be sure to put that in the special instructions when you order!

Fees for Restaurant Delivery -Tomatos Delivery (TD) NOT affiliated with any of the restaurants in any way. By ordering online from TD you are agreeing to our terms conditions authorize TD to pay for, collect, and deliver your order to you and you agree to reimburse TD for the total cost of your order and any additional cost that may occur. We will text or call you if prices change and/or items are dropped from the menu. We provide a delivery service only, acting as your concierge or pick up agent. We are not responsible for mistakes made by the restaurant or quality preparation of your food. We will do our best to make sure your order is correct. Our drives do review your order with the restaurant, but they are not allowed to open your containers or go through your food. We transport your order in our insulated delivery bags to preserve freshness and ensure food is kept as warm/cold as possible during delivery. But, please note that even with our equipment we cannot guarantee that your food will be the same quality or temperature as if you were dining in the restaurant. Please remember, it is take-out food. *Also please note that during our peak lunch dinner rush, we may exceed expected delivery times. If this happens, our driver will contact you to inform you of the delay in delivery. Thank You and Happy Ordering! Tomatos Delivery POLICY.

Take-Out Delivery - $3.99 10% with a discounted rate for Workplace Lunch Delivery at $2.99 5%.  Great for office lunch meetings!    Please place all orders for parties over twelve persons 2 hrs in advance, for preparation time and accuracy.  

Where do you deliver?  Ocala, FL area.  We try to have a good selection of restaurants already in your area, but if you don't see your restaurant order from our Miscellaneous restaurant! We understand that sometimes that craving gets the best of us! :)

When are you open? We are open Monday - Friday 11:30am - 4pm for workplace delivery.

How does it work? You simply put your order in online or call us @ 877-431-3766 and then we will shop for your items and deliver them to your door.  You will then be able to pay by American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Gift Card or Gift Certificate. 


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Lunch Hours

7 Days A Week8am-3:30pm

Dinner Hours

7 Days A Week3:30pm-10:00pm


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